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Crow Systems is a distributor of these affordable bat detection instruments. These devices are intended for use in presence/absence and population studies, or for educational purposes. For species identification purposes, or other more demanding bio-acoustic research, contact us with your requirements.

Bats locate prey and navigate through their environment by analyzing the echoes of their ultrasonic calls. These high frequency calls ­ - typically between 25kHz to 125kHz - are inaudible to humans, as they are beyond the normal range of human hearing ­ - about 20kHz maximum.
Equipment used by biologists for bat bio-acoustics research is expensive, rather bulky, and typically requires larger batteries for extended field use. This pocket-sized detector, with its low power circuitry, allows you can determine presence / absence, or perform censusing and population dynamics studies using a hand-held detector that will last for weeks with a single 9 volt battery. This low-cost detector is a perfect educational tool, as several can be purchased for a high detector-to-student ratio.

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WAV file of a bat call
converted by the Detector.
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a converted call.
PRICE is only $48.95 each! - contact us for volume / educational discounts.
  • Instructions with details on how you can record and analyze converted bat calls on your PC.
  • Web-links to audio filtering, spectrographic analysis, and bat bio-acoustics tools.
  • FAQ's for some basic questions and answers regarding the Detector.
  • Contact us for mutiple unit purchase and educational rates.
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