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Bat Presence Detector FAQ's  - The bat detector is very easy to use and should present no difficulties in operation. We've included a few issues that may arise.

Question:  My detector doesn't work! I've put in a battery and plugged in the earphone - and nothing happens! What's wrong?

Answer: Check the condition of the battery. Test it with a load-type battery meter available from Radio Shack®©. Ensure that the battery and clip are free from damage and corrosion, and that the battery is properly installed on the clip. Check that the earphone plug is fully inserted into its jack. The plug should seat into the jack so that none of the plugs silver shaft is visible. Make sure to push the plug firmly into the jack. The plug functions as the power On/Off switch.
If none of the above fix the problem, please contact Crow Systems tech support for information.

Question:  My detector keeps making random "clicks" every 5 seconds or so. Is there something wrong with it?

Answer: No, the detector is just picking up and converting various ultrasonic noises that you can't hear. Insects 'singing', trees creaking, engines cooling, feet moving through grass or leaves, etc can all produce ultrasonic sounds. Fortunately, bat calls are very distinctive and are easily picked out from this random noise. First try your detector on bats you can see, just to get a sense of their typical call pattern.

Question: The detector has a recording output jack. Do you sell cables to hook it up to my recorder?

Answer: No, there are so many brands of recording devices that we can't possibly stock all the different types of connectors. Radio Shack®© should be able to supply the required cables or adapters. If your recorder uses a special brand-specific jack, check with your dealer. See the specifications for record output jack type and electrical specifications.

Question: Our main requirement is the identification of bat species. Is this possible with the basic bat detector?

Answer: The answer is "possibly". This basic bat call converter was developed as a cost effective, easy to handle, low power presence/absence, population dynamics, and educational tool. It is not intended to replace the expensive research grade bio-acoustic equipment. Species identification may be possible with the detector if you have known species call recordings against which you can compare - and a lot of experience. For bat identification or advanced bio-acoustical studies, we recommend using one of the research grade bat detectors.

Question: Can the detector be used on other animals?

Answer: Sure! Many small mammals, insects, and some birds produce sounds in the ultrasonic or near ultrasonic frequencies. Try the detector on all sorts of animals - you may be surprised at the results!

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