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Thank you for visiting the web-site of Crow Systems. We are dedicated to offering high quality, custom-built field research electronics for your camera-trap and wildlife data collection needs.

Crow Systems designs and manufactures custom field research electronics - with a focus on imaging. Our clients are primarily professional wildlife biologists and field researchers. While several other companies offer low-end hunting oriented products for large game mammals, Crow Systems specializes in field research equipment effective for virtually any research application - from American Robins to Andean Condors - White-footed mice to African Elephants.

Save time and resources: Due to the lack of availability of proper equipment, many researchers are forced to spend valuable time and money developing, testing, and manufacturing their own home-made equipment - which usually does not work well and often lasts only a season - or less. Our products allow the researcher to focus on their studies, saving them from trying to become electrical engineers / manufacturers.

Adaptability: Because of the adaptability of our products, other potential clients include: Any individuals with an interest in their surroundings, naturalists, educators, schools, photographers (excellent pre-shoot scouting tool), or any institution that has an interest in monitoring wildlife activity in the neighborhood.

Business Philosophy: Crow Systems has a simple plan - offer a solid product, and people will buy it. You will not find web pages full of FLASH animation, glossy product brochures, or products in plastic "clam-shell" packaging - all the typical signs of a company attempting to conceal the low quality of their products. Our product manuals are printed on plain white recycled content paper - full of information - not hype. Products are shipped in plain brown boxes with recycled / re-used packing materials. This saves us - and you - much needed funds.
Unlike some other manufacturers, we are not simply assembling and re-selling consumer-grade sensors and components. All circuitry and software is developed in-house. We utilize high quality, wide-temperature, industrial or Military Specification components in our designs wherever possible. All of our products must pass several levels of quality inspection - from component and board level testing to final quality inspections and testing of the completed product.

Crow Systems - the most adaptable equipment in the field!

"If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows" - Henry Ward Beecher

"Who would believe that a small scene of nature could contain the images of the universe?" - Leonardo da Vinci

All Crow Systems products are designed, engineered, tested and built in the United States of America! Keep our economy alive - Buy US!


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