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Information requests:
Please note that we can not take the time to respond to any questions regarding problems with any other brands of automatic cameras, your personal film, digital, or video camera, or any questions not directly related to Crow Systems products, services, or orders. Please call or e-mail the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the item in question - Thanks.

Crow Systems
PO BOX 911
Windham, NH 03087


Customer Support:
General information regarding our company and products.

Customer service questions - billing, shipping, and other questions.

Technical Support:
- We do not manufacture, nor can we take the time to respond to questions regarding a consumer digital camera that is know as the "Crow". We manufacture wildlife and ecological research equipment. Questions regarding your personal digital cameras should be sent to the manufacturer or point of purchase.

Technical support for:

  • Technical questions regarding Crow Systems products.
    - also see our FAQ pages for answers to many common questions.
  • Technical information and questions regarding custom designed systems.
  • User feedback on technical aspects of product design.
Crow Systems - the most adaptable equipment in the field!

"If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows" -
Henry Ward Beecher

"Who would believe that a small scene of nature could contain the images of the universe?" -
Leonardo da Vinci

Crow Systems products are designed, engineered, and built in the USA. Help keep our economy alive - Buy US!


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