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 Laboratory Biology Links - Lab equipment, supplies, information
Bioacoustics / Audio

Waveflow can clean up and edit audio files in .WAV format. Eliminate noise introduced by mics and recorders. Download / register your copy at: Waveflow© Xavier Cirac Vidal

Use this program to create spectrograms. These help you to visualize the frequency and modulation content of audio recordings. Download / register your copy at: You can create JPG screen images with this program. Spectrogram©- R.S. Horne

Analyze complements a series of professional high-end bat research tools. It is useful in that archived Anabat format recordings can be examined to learn distinctive calls of certain bat species. There is a companion program called Anamusic, which can down-convert Anabat format recordings to standard human-audible WAV format files. Analyze®© is available from:

Archive of bat sounds in Anabat®© format:
Other bio-acoustical analysis software and information:

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Lab Equipment

Sable Systems International®©
Laboratory research equipment - Respirometry, Gas Analysis, Flow / Pressure Instrumentation and more.

Field Biology Links

Wildlife Caller®© High-end wildlife caller / digital audio system. Archive of high quality recordings.

Nature-related Links
Bill's Wildlife Sites -
About Cats Indoors Page
ASCAR Home Page - Crows, Crows, Crows
Bat Conservation International -
Crows - More crows
Ultraviolet vision in Ravens
The Center for Rehabilitation Of Wildlife - The CROW -
The Whistling Crow - TWC

General Interest Links
Armsraised Internet Solutions - Web site design, hosting, domain names $7.85!!! -
ArmsRaised Media Studio - Graphics design services and more -
New England Sign Company - Complete line of vinyl signs, full color printing decals, banners & vehicle lettering.

"If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows" -
Henry Ward Beecher

"Who would believe that a small scene of nature could contain the images of the universe?" -
Leonardo da Vinci

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