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Pole Mount Video Systems
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Use this type of video system to inspect elevated targets - such as open cup birds nests.
This type of system is a great tool for censusing, breeding bird identification and nest monitoring. Crow Systems has designed several varieties of this type system - ranging from basic view-only
inspection mini-cameras (see below) to semi-permanent, weatherproof time-lapse recorders.

While we do not currently offer this type of system as a standard off-the-shelf item, we've included
some images from a recently completed order for a basic view-only system - just to demonstrate
what the typical basic pole-mount system consists of:


View-only pole-mount system consisting of a low lux black & white CCD
image sensor, 20 foot, 2 section telescoping pole, 3.5 inch LCD display monitor,
rugged carrying case for monitor and battery. This systems does not record
(can be connected to a recorder with AV jacks) and is not weatherproof.


Many different combinations of equipment can be supplied for this type system. Infra-Red or
visible illuminators, long reach poles, weather-proof systems, color image sensors, high resolution
image sensors, real-time and time-lapse recorders, motion sensing event recorders, larger screen
CRT monitors, etc. Please contact us with your requirements.

 Please note that due to the constantly changing consumer-driven market, our suppliers can
not guarantee the availability of any specific item such as LCD display monitors. In developing
specialized equipment, we may at times be forced to substitute newer, available products in place of
our originally specified parts. We will never substitute lower-quality products!

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