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Domain Name Theft Scam

Due to a book-keeping error in the Fall of 2001, we were late in renewing our domain name - Our well-ranked domain name was quickly scavenged by an internet traffic aggregator working for foreign pornography and gambling sites. Visitors to our domain were lead to a bogus site for a fake company called Crow "Biological" Systems. The index page contained hidden links to pornography and gambling sites. Any of our page names under that domain - /cameras.htm for instance - redirected visitors to the pornography / gambling pages.

NOTE: As of 8/01/03 we have regained our domain name The aggregators who pulled this scam have gone out of business.

To find out more about the traffic aggregator scam - check here. If that link is no longer valid, we do have the original text for anyone interested.

Many thanks to our customers and industry associates for helping us work through this mess!

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