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Typical Features of our Custom-built Video Systems
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This is a basic overview of some of the features found in ourtrail-camera type video systems. Specialized systems might
not incorporate various components such as the PIR sensor or Controller circuitry.

 Sensor: Ourtrail-camera type video systems typically utilize a built-in Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detector with durable reflective optics. See our FAQ's page for a full discussion of the characteristics of our PIR motion sensors and optics. Other detection systems can be employed. See below to view some features of our PIR motion detectors.

Read an in-depth discussion of our PIR detector characteristics. See the Helpful Hints to learn some tips & tricks.

 Controller: Our field-tested controller software has a broad range of programmable functions that allow it to be adapted to most any research requirement. See below to view features.

 Video Camera: Our trail-cameratype video systems typically use dependable, compact Sony®©
Night-Shot®© equipped video cameras with automated Night-Shot®© switching. See below to view features - Top

Camera model shown at left is one of the many Sony
®© video camera models
available for installation in o
urtrail-camera type video systems.
Contact us with your requirements.

 Housing: We typically use Pelican®© cases for our camera systems. See below to view features -Top

 Optional features: In addition, our trail-cameratype video systems have In/Out ports that allow for
expanding the system with a variety of optional equipment. See below to view some options:

 Specialty Video Systems: We can design and manufacture a wide variety of specialty video equipment
to suit your unique projects. Pole-mount nest inspection tools, tunnel / burrow viewers, nest cavity monitors, time-
lapse (extended record time) or real-time video recorders - the possibilities are nearly limitless! Contact us with your
special projects.

Please note that due to the constantly changing consumer-driven market, our suppliers can
not guarantee the availability of any specific item - such as specific video camera models. In developing specialized equipment, we may at times be forced to substitute newer, available products in place of originally specified parts. We will never substitute lower-quality products!

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